Axis Partners Inc. (hereafter, "the company") believes that it is very important to respect the right to protect personal information, which is the right to have individuals. We believe that protecting your personal information is the basis of our business and is a social responsibility.


We establish a personal information protection policy based on "human support" which is the center of our business, and thoroughly inform all employees including officers and make thorough efforts. The company acquires personal information of the customer by the proper method, and uses personal information only for the purpose identified beforehand. The scope of use of personal information is governed by laws and ordinances.


In addition, we will not provide information to third parties except when we have the consent of the individual or when we meet the requirements stipulated by law. We will manage your personal information in an appropriate manner. We do not disclose, leak, sell or lend your contact information to third parties or other companies. However, we may share personal information with the company and our group companies to improve our services.


The company complies with the company's personal information protection policy.








We will audit whether your personal information is handled properly and protected, and continue to improve it.

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